Tina Warren

Low Fat Cooking

About SmallWomanBigSkillet

I’m a mother, Air Force retired veteran, and volunteer. Over the years, I have become very mindful of what I eat. I buy organic foods when they are available, I watch my portion sizes, and above all, I limit my daily fat intake. 

In Small Woman, Big Skillet choose from 130 low-fat and no-fat recipes. From soups to desserts, there is something for everyone. My turkey and spinach lasagna is only 1.5 grams of fat per serving and my apple-cinnamon pancakes, and banana bread have zero fat! All 130 recipes are three grams of fat or less per serving. So give your family a wonderful home cooked meal without the added fat.

In Small Woman, Big Sweet Tooth choose from 101 delicious low-fat and no-fat dessert recipes. In my dessert makeovers, I have kept two goals in mind: the revised dessert must taste and look good. From doughnuts to homemade ice cream, my dessert cookbook is filled with 101 recipes that are two grams of fat or less per serving. Enjoy these desserts from breakfast to dinner, or anytime you get a craving.

I hope you find my low-fat and no-fat recipes appealing and full of flavor, as they are to me.

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